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LeanSSC11, Long Beach, California

LSSC11 is over and I am sitting in LAX International Airport in Los Angeles trying to summarize my gazillion impressions from the last weeks sessions, hallway meetings, bar chats, coffee talks etc, but it will probably take me a few weeks to process everything. I met a lot of great people, met many old friends and made some new friends I’m sure – time will tell. :)

If I was forced to mention a few highlights it would be David Snowdens keynote for it’s challenging content and entertaining delivery, Chet Richards keynote for it’s inspiring content that made me reflect and think about my own fundamentals, Siraj’s and Pascal’s welcoming and cosy Open Space “booth”, the FlowKaizen tool with it’s promise to end the digital vs physical board, and the great mix of people, backgrounds, disciplines, opinions and thoughts.

I was also very glad that my talk was appreciated and that so many came to listen – I was a little nervous because I was doing an introduction and the crowd seemed so experienced. Here are some of the feedback I received:

“Really enjoying the content and relaxed style of Joakim Sundén’s Kanban talk.”
– Benjamin Mitchell, Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban consultant

“Very rich Kanban introduction. Congrats!”
– Rodolpho Ugolini, Software Systems Architect at IBM Rational, Brazil

“Kanban track is full :-) Joakim Sundén’s teaching Theory of Constraints bottleneck exploitation :-) Great to hear!”
– David J. Anderson, pioneered Kanban, author of Kanban book

“Lots of practical tips given by showing how actual Kanban boards can visualize symptoms and address problems.”
– Gerry Kirk, Agile Coach and Trainer

“Alltså, Joakim Sundén äger!!!”
– Johan Söderström, Technical Project Manager

Thanks a bunch to everyone who helped organize this great conference and for everyone who attended and made it great! I hope to see you at LESS2011 in Stockholm and at LSSC12 in Boston next year.

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