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Want to participate in The Red Bead Experiment at LSSC 11?

I am thinking of running The Red Bead Experiment today (Friday) 3:45 at LSSC 11 if I can get enough interested attendees. Please tweet or leave comment if you are at LSSC 11 and want to participate. Below is some more information on the experiment.

Red Beads Experiment

Comments from participants in the experiment at Turku Agile Day in March:

“Finally got to see Deming’s ‘Red Bead Experiment by the very good Joakim Sundén. It was brilliantly crafted and facilitated.”

“Joakim Sundén has ignited anarchy in my mind with his red bead performance – I am questioning the basis of everything now. Good!”

– Mike Sutton, Turku Agile Day Keynote Speaker & Agile Coach, WizeWerx

“Especially enjoyed the variation theory stuff in your Red Bead experiment! New insights.”

– Sami Honkonen, Agile Coach at Reaktor & Singer in Death Metal band Embreach

“Watching the red bead experiment, hosted by Joakim Sundén. Both funny and educational.”

Jurgen Appelo, Conference Keynote Speaker & Author of “Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders”

Targets, rewards, motivational speeches, ranking, individual bonuses, and even punishments, are to this day common management practices to get results from the workers. Are they effective in getting us to do better work? The world famous consultant Dr W Edwards Deming, who was “the man who taught the Japanese, America and many other countries about quality”, created The Red Bead Experiment in 1982 to communicate his take on the subject. In this session we will run a version of the experiment that has been slightly adapted for software development by David P. Joyce. The experiment introduces many of Deming’s ideas about management, the principles of variation and statistical process control charts. And it is a humorous and fun experience for both participants and audience! After the experiment there will be a presentation followed by a group discussions on the learning points and how they can be related to software development and the management of software development teams.

1 thought on “Want to participate in The Red Bead Experiment at LSSC 11?”

  • hehz – Agile Riga Day – we actually manage to show that the bonuses “might” work :D
    Thank you – i did enjoy this a lot :)

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