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Since 2011 I work as an agile coach at Spotify where I coach teams and leaders to help them build better products faster. I was part of the coach group that worked together with the CTO to design and introduce a new approach to Agile at scale, aka “The Spotify Model” with tribes, squads, chapters, guilds, etc.

Together with my friend and former colleague Marcus Hammarberg I wrote the book Kanban In Action (Manning, 2014). I have done, and still do, a lot of speaking and training on topics such as Kanban, Lean, Spotify, Leadership, and more.

I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, with my wife and four kids, where I work at the local Spotify office. I travel frequently to my home country Sweden and will be moving back there late summer 2017.

Twitter: @joakimsunden

The opinions expressed in this blog represent my own and not those of my employer.

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