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About me

Consultant at Crisp, helping leaders, organizations and people develop to deliver more customer value faster. 2011-2017 I worked as an agile coach at Spotify where I worked with management teams, leaders and delivery teams to develop people, increase employee engagement, and build better products faster. I was part of the coach group that worked together with the CTO to design and introduce a new approach to Agile at scale, aka “The Spotify Model” with tribes, squads, chapters, guilds, etc.

Together with my friend and former colleague Marcus Hammarberg I wrote the book Kanban In Action (Manning, 2014). I do speaking and training on topics such as Leadership, Agile at Scale, Kanban, Lean, Spotify, and more.

I just moved back to Stockholm after living and working for a couple of years in Boston, Massachusetts, with my wife and four kids. While I try to limit my travel I do enjoy it and I’m open to the occasional short term engagement anywhere in the world.

Twitter: @joakimsunden

The opinions expressed in this blog represent my own and not those of my employer.

4 thoughts on “About me”

  • Dear Joakim, I am sending you this message because I am very inspired by your blog. I’m an (agile) coach who is helping startups with the “people-side” of their organisation, and I am visiting a lot of different organisations (start-ups and corporates). I have the ambition to help startups create a happy culture and let their people thrive. I read that you’re moving back to Sweden late this summer, and for my project Happiness around the globe (visit the 25 happiest countries to learn more about happiness), my boyfriend and I are visiting Sweden in September. In case you’re already back in Sweden and see any chance to meet us, I would be thrilled. I’m very keen to hear your view on happiness in organisations, as well as your personal happiness. Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck with moving! Alissa

  • Thank you for the information you have posted on your blog. I am leading my team into the kanban ocean and we are struggling with a few basic tasks. I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction on how to address the following issues:
    1) Defining larger projects as one card (where it sits for months waiting for third-parties to get back to us) or breaking the larger project into smaller cards. And if the latter, does one define them as sub-tasks or separate cards?
    2) Using leankit for repeating tasks like completing monthly client reports, confirming daily backups ran as scheduled, and annual tasks like (test battery backup and failover process)
    3) Limiting WIP for an IT person who wants to assign all the projects to himself all at once.

    Any help / articles / guidance you would be able to give would be greatly appreciated!


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