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Author: Joakim Sundén

Increasing effectiveness and communication with the Mutual Learning Model with Benjamin Mitchell

UPDATE (June 5, 2011): This was a great workshop! I learned so much about myself and about how I could be communicating to others in order to increase common understanding rather than trying to control the outcome of the conversation. I can really recommend this […]

Little Things Matter

UPDATE (June 5, 2011): Video of my talk (in Swedish). This is my lightning talk from this year’s Agila Sverige (Agile Sweden) conference that I finished less than an hour ago. I am experimenting with doing blog posts in slides/presentation format and I have been […]

LeanSSC11, Long Beach, California

LSSC11 is over and I am sitting in LAX International Airport in Los Angeles trying to summarize my gazillion impressions from the last weeks sessions, hallway meetings, bar chats, coffee talks etc, but it will probably take me a few weeks to process everything. I […]

Want to participate in The Red Bead Experiment at LSSC 11?

I am thinking of running The Red Bead Experiment today (Friday) 3:45 at LSSC 11 if I can get enough interested attendees. Please tweet or leave comment if you are at LSSC 11 and want to participate. Below is some more information on the experiment. […]

What happened?

Wow, it is over a year since my last blog post. What happened? I guess I had other things to do… These are some of them, just so you don’t think I’m making it up. Turku Agile Day I gave a talk on Kanban at […]

Scandinavian Developer Conference 2010

In a couple of weeks it is time for Scandinavian Developer Conference in Gothenburg again. I had a really fun time last year when I was invited to present about ALT.NET. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to do two talks: “Flow Where You Can, […]

ALT.NET Workshop Day

This weekend ALT.NET organized a full day of workshops at Informator in Stockholm. About 30 to 40 participants could choose among workshops with topics such as Fluent NHibernate, JavaScript, CSS, Introduction to Python, Parallel Programming in VS2010 and Acceptance Test Driven Development with Selenium. After […]

Red Bead Experiment at Limited WIP Society Stockholm

In December we organised a second meeting with the Limited WIP Society user group in Stockholm, this time at Crisp. David J Anderson honoured us with a visit and an interesting talk on Kanban and organisational maturity. Inspired by Benjamin Mitchell and David Joyce, my […]

Limited WIP Society Stockholm

This week Limited WIP Society Stockholm/Sweden had its first gathering at the Avega Group office. Limited WIP Society is actually a web site, created by Rob Hathaway and others, that aims to be a central place to gather information such as blogs, articles and screen […]

Kanban Practitioner Case Studies, UK Lean and Kanban Conference Day 1

The first day of the UK Lean and Kanban Conference was an interesting experience nicely situated in The Great Room in the RSA House with a magnificent sequence of paintings on the theme of progress of the human knowledge and culture. The focus for the […]