ALT.NET Workshop Day

This weekend ALT.NET organized a full day of workshops at Informator in Stockholm. About 30 to 40 participants could choose among workshops with topics such as Fluent NHibernate, JavaScript, CSS, Introduction to Python, Parallel Programming in VS2010 and Acceptance Test Driven Development with Selenium. After the workshops a bunch of us ended up at Vapiano (as usual!) having interesting discussions and... read more

Scandinavian Developer Conference

Last week I gave a talk about ALT.NET at the new Scandinavian Developer Conference in Gothenburg. It was a really nice conference although a bit short for my taste – with only one day there’s less of a chance to find time to meet and interact with other speakers and participants. Things weren’t all bad in that department for my own sake though, as I enjoyed a nice speakers’ dinner... read more

ALT.NET Unconference

It is time for the ALT.NET minded in Sweden (or at least in/near Stockholm) to convene for a second unconference. This time we will start with lightning talks and then continue with Open Space sessions. In the evening we will dine and perhaps drink a few beers at some restaurant in the vicinity. The event will take place at Alecta, Regeringsgatan 107, the Saturday of February 7 from 11 to 17. Register at... read more

Slides, ALT.NET talk

As promised I have now made the slides for my ALT.NET talk available for download. You can find them under “Talks” in the menu. I got some great feedback; 40 green votes, 10 yellow votes and no red votes (maybe this means I should have been more controversial). Even though Ayende and Scott Bellware did their best to interrupt me, I managed to finish on time – something that seems to have... read more

ALT.NET Seminar at Øredev

I will be giving a seminar about ALT.NET, “ALT.NET – Are You Ready for the Red Pill?”, at Øredev this Thursday. It is the first seminar on the ALT.NET track, followed by sessions with some of the big ALT.NET names: Ayende, Scott Bellware and Glenn Block. Looks like a very interesting track and I will certainly be there all day long. If you are going to Øredev you should come. I will be... read more