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As you may know, former colleague and Kanban-brother-in-arms Marcus Hammarberg and I, are writing a book about Kanban for Manning Publications. The book is out in an early access program where you can read what we’ve written so far and also give us feedback and influence the final book. When the book is finally done you will of course get the final version; there is one option for e-book only and one... read more

Spotify – staying lean from small start-up through rapid growth

These are the slides from the talk Anders Ivarsson and I did at Lean Kanban North America 2013 earlier this weak. It was a great conference – as always. Thanks for having us! Spotify – staying lean from small start-up through rapid growth from Joakim... read more

One way of handling small tasks on a Kanban board

I often get the question how to handle small tasks on a Kanban board. Many teams I’ve talked to, especially maintenance and operations teams and teams not doing software development, have a hard time convincing themselves to actually write and track stickies for tasks that can be done in less than an hour, sometimes in minutes. Is it really worth the overhead? The tiny ones would go directly into... read more

The Power of Visualization

Did you ever watch the great TV series “Homicide: Life on the Street” (“Uppdrag mord” in Swedish)? It’s an American fictional police series about the Baltimore Homicide Unit based on the writing of my all time favorite writer/producer of TV series David Simon (Generation Kill, The Wire, Treme). One integral part of the show was a whiteboard used by the unit. “The... read more

Red Bead Experiment at Limited WIP Society Stockholm

In December we organised a second meeting with the Limited WIP Society user group in Stockholm, this time at Crisp. David J Anderson honoured us with a visit and an interesting talk on Kanban and organisational maturity. Inspired by Benjamin Mitchell and David Joyce, my colleague Marcus Hammarberg and I ran a version of W. Edwards Demings Red Bead Experiment, a tool to teach how slogans and management... read more

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