One way of handling small tasks on a Kanban board

I often get the question how to handle small tasks on a Kanban board. Many teams I’ve talked to, especially maintenance and operations teams and teams not doing software development, have a hard time convincing themselves to actually write and track stickies for tasks that can be done in less than an hour, sometimes in minutes. Is it really worth the overhead? The tiny ones would go directly into... read more

The Power of Visualization

Did you ever watch the great TV series “Homicide: Life on the Street” (“Uppdrag mord” in Swedish)? It’s an American fictional police series about the Baltimore Homicide Unit based on the writing of my all time favorite writer/producer of TV series David Simon (Generation Kill, The Wire, Treme). One integral part of the show was a whiteboard used by the unit. “The... read more

Limited WIP Society Stockholm

This week Limited WIP Society Stockholm/Sweden had its first gathering at the Avega Group office. Limited WIP Society is actually a web site, created by Rob Hathaway and others, that aims to be a central place to gather information such as blogs, articles and screen casts about Kanban – “the home of Kanban software development”. At the last night of the UK Lean and Kanban Conference a few weeks... read more

Kanban Practitioner Case Studies, UK Lean and Kanban Conference Day 1

The first day of the UK Lean and Kanban Conference was an interesting experience nicely situated in The Great Room in the RSA House with a magnificent sequence of paintings on the theme of progress of the human knowledge and culture. The focus for the first day was Kanban in general and practitioner reports of Kanban experience in particular. The day started with a panel of practitioners consisting of Alan... read more

Lean Study Tour

This morning I arrived to Japan and this is my first visit to this amazing country. It has always been a dream of mine to visit this country of ninjas, samurais and other exotic stuff that filled my imagination during my younger years of roleplaying, martial arts and ninja movies. It is about to be the experience of a lifetime visiting lean companies such as Toyota and Fujitsu in the company of “Mr... read more

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