Red Bead Experiment at Limited WIP Society Stockholm

In December we organised a second meeting with the Limited WIP Society user group in Stockholm, this time at Crisp. David J Anderson honoured us with a visit and an interesting talk on Kanban and organisational maturity. Inspired by Benjamin Mitchell and David Joyce, my colleague Marcus Hammarberg and I ran a version of W. Edwards Demings Red Bead Experiment, a tool to teach how slogans and management... read more

Limited WIP Society Stockholm

This week Limited WIP Society Stockholm/Sweden had its first gathering at the Avega Group office. Limited WIP Society is actually a web site, created by Rob Hathaway and others, that aims to be a central place to gather information such as blogs, articles and screen casts about Kanban – “the home of Kanban software development”. At the last night of the UK Lean and Kanban Conference a few weeks... read more