Agile at Spotify

My colleague Anders Ivarsson and I have been invited to different conferences and events to present about how we use agile and lean thinking at Spotify. One of the conferences we recently presented at was Kanban Open Space in Ghent where we were asked to share our slides. Maybe it is of interest to readers of this blog too. In a few years Spotify has grown from a small startup in Sweden to a pretty big... read more

Scandinavian Developer Conference

Last week I gave a talk about ALT.NET at the new Scandinavian Developer Conference in Gothenburg. It was a really nice conference although a bit short for my taste – with only one day there’s less of a chance to find time to meet and interact with other speakers and participants. Things weren’t all bad in that department for my own sake though, as I enjoyed a nice speakers’ dinner... read more

Slides from my Pimp My Code talk

I’ve just had two evenings of fun talking about professionalism at Cornerstones event “Pimp My Code” in Gothenburg (yesterday) and Stockholm (tonight). Listened to some interesting talks and enjoyed a few conversations over food and beer. As promised you can find my slides under “Talks”. Since my slides are almost all photographs and no text what so ever, I’ve included... read more

ALT.NET Unconference

It is time for the ALT.NET minded in Sweden (or at least in/near Stockholm) to convene for a second unconference. This time we will start with lightning talks and then continue with Open Space sessions. In the evening we will dine and perhaps drink a few beers at some restaurant in the vicinity. The event will take place at Alecta, Regeringsgatan 107, the Saturday of February 7 from 11 to 17. Register at... read more

Pimp Your Code

In the end of this month I’ll be doing the introduction talk to Cornerstone’s Pimp My Code in both Gothenburg (Jan 27) and Stockholm (Jan 28). I will talk about professionalism and what characterizes a professional developer after which other speakers talk about some of the topics I bring up. Patrik Löwendahl talks about the SOLID principles, Fredrik Normén about refactoring to design... read more

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