Slides, ALT.NET talk

As promised I have now made the slides for my ALT.NET talk available for download. You can find them under “Talks” in the menu. I got some great feedback; 40 green votes, 10 yellow votes and no red votes (maybe this means I should have been more controversial). Even though Ayende and Scott Bellware did their best to interrupt me, I managed to finish on time – something that seems to have... read more

ALT.NET Seminar at Øredev

I will be giving a seminar about ALT.NET, “ALT.NET – Are You Ready for the Red Pill?”, at Øredev this Thursday. It is the first seminar on the ALT.NET track, followed by sessions with some of the big ALT.NET names: Ayende, Scott Bellware and Glenn Block. Looks like a very interesting track and I will certainly be there all day long. If you are going to Øredev you should come. I will be... read more

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