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Here’s a selection of talks, workshops and tutorials I have done at different conferences and user groups the last 5-6 years. If you are interested in having me come speak at your conference, organization or event, this is a sample of topics I regularly talk about. I also do 1/2 to 2 days training in topics such as Kanban, Agile, Leadership, Awesome Teams, and “The Spotify Model” for Agile at scale. Contact me through my email, you can probably guess the address from my name…

Twitter: @joakimsunden

“You can do better than ‘the Spotify Model'” (aka “How things don’t quite work at Spotify and how we’re trying to solve them”)
Agile 2017, Orlando, USA
Agile Amsterdam Leadership Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lean Agile Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland (slides here)

Scrum Gathering South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov 9-10
Stretch Leadership Conference, Budapest, Hungary, Dec 7-8

“Leadership at Spotify”
Scan-Agile 2015, Helsinki, Finland
Booster conference 2015, Bergen, Norway

“Scaling Lean/Agile at Spotify”
Scrum Gathering South Africa 2014, Cape Town, South Africa
Agile 2013, Nashville, USA
Lean Kanban North America 2013, Chicago, USA, April-May 2013
Scandinavian Developer Conference 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2013
Kanban Open Space, Ghent, Belgium, February 2013

“Practical Introduction to Kanban” and other Kanban talks/tutorials (selection)
Scandinavian Developer Conference. Gothenburg, Sweden. March 2010
Turku Agile Day. Turku, Finland. March 2010
Developer Summit. Stockholm, Sweden. June 2010. Voted best conference talk.
Lean Kanban Belgium. Antwerp, Belgium. September 2010.
Oredev. Malmö, Sweden. November 2010. Extended 4 hour tutorial version.
Agile Riga Day. Riga, Latvia. March 2011.
LeanSSC 2011. Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA. May 2011.
Agile Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2011

See SlideShare for sample slides, visit conference sites for video (coming soon for Lean Kanban Belgium and LSSC2011).

“The Red Bead Experiment”
Limited WIP Society Stockholm (with Marcus Hammarberg) 2010
Turku Agile Day, March 17 2011
Agile Sweden (Agila Sverige)
Agile Riga Day, Riga, Latvia, March 2012
Agile Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2012

Video and slides coming at Turku Agile Day web site.

“From Scrum to Kanban”
Limited WIP Society Stockholm, October 21 2009

Slides with notes: @Slideshare, PDF

From Scrum To Kanban

“What does it mean to be a professional developer”

Pimp My Code, January 27 (Gothenburg) and January 28 (Stockholm) 2009

Developer Summit, April 9-11

Slides with notes: @Slideshare

Vad kännetecknar en professionell utvecklare?

“ALT.NET – Are You Ready for the Red Pill?”

Scandinavian Developer Conference, March 24 2009.
, November 17-21 2008.

Slides with notes: @Slideshare, PDF

Video available at the Øredev site.

ALT.NET - Are You Ready for the Red Pill?

“Du kodar väl på svenska”
(in Swedish, about coding in Swedish)
Agila Sverige, June 2-3 2008.

Slides: @Slideshare

Du kodar väl på svenska?

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